3 Tips for Recognizing “Brogrammer” Culture When Applying for Jobs

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Are You Female and Graduating with a Degree in Engineering or Technology?
Surveys have shown there’s a “Brogrammer” culture in tech environments. How do you recognize this if you want to avoid it?




Inc.com shares that with the tech industry offering amazing job perks and workplace felxibility, a surprising number of women leave their jobs at tech firms. So what is causing this dissatisfaction? Could it be a “Brogrammer” culture?

In a recent survey of women engineers, a trend emerged indicating an unwelcome culture. Comments were specific to a “Brogrammer culture, an all-boys club atmosphere, and small cliques of white males.”

How might women recognize this culture when applying for jobs? Here are 3 things to consider:


  • When interviewing, ask for a copy of the employee handbook. Look to see if there is a policy on gender bias and sexual harassment, and what steps are taken if this is evident. Is someone’s advancement and compensation impacted if identified as a problem employee? How is the person who files the complaint protected?
  • Is there a clear path to advancement laid out, even if it means you would advance to a different company? What types of mentoring and job growth opportunities exist?
  • What policies are in place for work/life balance? “Organizations must do more than add work-life balance to their list of corporate values. A commitment to work-life balance must be translated into real-world policies: flexible schedules, support and accommodations for employees with children and aging parents, competitive maternity leave, benefits and sick leave, etc.” And, it is important to know that if you take advantage of the policies on paper, you can do so without guilt and the possibility of impact on your growth and advancement.


Do your research when applying to a company. Ask around to see what their reputation is. Read the employee handbook, ask questions. Be sure you know what the work culture is. The better informed you are, the better your ultimate job choice decision will be.

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