6 Things you should do now to crush your next Skype/video interview

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At Beyond The U, we are all about preparation.  Because of the relentless pressure of time and cost constraints, more and more hiring professionals are resorting to phone and video interviews.  The phone interview has its own set of opportunities but today we are focusing on video and Skype interviews.

As a general rule, interviews succeed and generate offers not by wowing the interviewer.  There are no magic words.  Interviews are won by being slightly better than the next candidate . . . your competition.

To stand out above the competition in your video interview, remember that the camera is picking up everything. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of 6 Things you should prepare in advance to Crush your next Skype/video interview.

  1. Background – While you will be the only person in the picture, your surroundings do matter. Look behind you. Is the room a mess?  Clean it up or cover it with a bed sheet (white of course).  You are the star here, so set the stage!
  1. Camera Angle – Most people interview using the camera on their laptops. These are typically just fine for interviewing purposes.  However, when it is sitting on a desk or table, a laptop camera is looking up at you at about a 30-degree angle.  I can assure you that this is NOT your best camera angle! The camera position should be slightly below eye level. This can be accomplished by setting your laptop on a set of books or purchasing an inexpensive webcam.
  1. Lighting – Remember, you are on stage. A big mistake most candidates make is poor lighting. Most webcams do try to adjust aperture openings to correct for this, but this does not help around the eyes.  If the light is coming from above you or from a lamp on either side you are going to have dark places on your face.  This is easy to correct.  If you have a desk light put it behind your camera and shine it on your face.  There lighting kits available on Amazon for as little as $30 that will aid your interview.
  1. Bandwidth – Perhaps most important is to make sure you have enough bandwidth. Video feeds chew up tons of bandwidth. Limited bandwidth causes your computer to freeze while it waits for more data to download.  These interruptions can be awkward and frustrating to both you and the interviewer.
  1. Clothes – We always recommend dressing upscale business casual for a video interview. Certain pattern types like plaids, checks, herringbone and sometimes stripes tend not to work well.  They become very busy.  We recommend white, light blue, or pink for shirt colors. Black or dark blue jackets provide a nice contrast.
  1. Rehearse – Rehearse. Rehearse. And then rehearse some more. Get a friend to do a video interview with you and RECORD it. Make sure your sound is coming through clearly and there are no technical issues. You do not want to be fumbling with technical issues right before the interview or worse, during the interview!

With a small amount of preparation you will be the star candidate! The stage is yours, “break a leg!”

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