Beyond The U (BTU) specializes in increasing the number of recent college graduates who leave campus with not just a job, but a career.  We provide two things you desperately need: a scientific and objective plan to determine in what careers you will succeed, and what you will enjoy, and a personal guide to help you navigate a process for which you have no training or experience…finding your first, real job.

Co-founder Dennis Schroeder has spent the last 10 years honing a process to help students navigate finding the right first job out of college. His results speak for themselves:

  • An average of under 6 months to hiring  
  • A placement rate over 75%
  • Online and classroom for broader reach and convenience
  • Identification of personal accomplishments/experiences that differentiate you
  • Measurement of 44 different personality needs, behaviors, and interest to guide you and future employers in the decision-making process
  • Advisors to help you interpret your assessment results and guide you through a structured process with the goal of finding your first, real job
  • With the most complete profile possible, we optimize your best possible career