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Thinking about your upcoming senior year job search and wanting an introduction to the process, with best tips?

Take a weekend to read through the following resources as a way to build a foundation of knowledge for one of the most important transitions of your life:


LinkedIn will become your greatest resource for networking, but it also provides a great platform for industry specific articles. To read 30 top articles on job searching and the world of work, read here.

Career Blogs


career blogs beyond the u
It can be useful to get a wide variety of perspectives on the job search process, and reading blogs can provide just that. For 45 career blogs that might inspire you, read here.

Think Outside The Box


think outside the box


Don’t just limit yourself to those jobs to which everyone thinks you should aspire. In a competitive job market, it can help to think outside the box. For some career ideas not on your radar, read here. It is also useful to take a personal assessment, such as the The Birkman Assessment  , available for free through the Beyond The U Career Launch.

Don’t Solely Rely On Your College Career Center


You should be familiar with your college career center as early as spring of your freshman year. They can provide connections for internships and research opportunities, but you need to use them as just one resource. For an honest assessment of career centers, read here. The more resources you turn to, the better chance you will have in planning a solid foundation for your future job search.


It’s time to get serious about preparation for your future!


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Anne Macleod Weeks is a graduate of Lawrence and Villanova Universities. She has been an educational administrator and English teacher for 38 years, specializing in the area of college admission. Ms. Weeks has been a leader in the college admission and Advanced Placement arenas and has published on pertinent educational topics in a variety of national papers and journals. She currently resides in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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