Do I Hate My Job?

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You have invested college tuition, possibly graduate school tuition, and time at work in a career that just isn’t working for you. Is it time to just brave the daily dissatisfaction, or is it time to take a risk and change careers?

Here Are 4 Signs You Need a Career Change

From CareerRealism


  • Those Awful Monday Mornings: You find yourself having a great weekend and then when Sunday night comes, you just don’t want it to end. Monday morning feels like a burden – the start to five days of being unhappy with your job, your colleagues, and/or your boss. If you feel yourself coming home every week, for months, relieved the week is over and dreading Monday morning’s arrival, it’s time to make a change. You don’t want your unhappiness to affect your health, friends, and family. Which it eventually will.
  • You’re Stuck: Part of your unhappiness is being stuck with no chance for change, whether it be a promotion or a new challenge. The same old, same old is dragging you down every day. Whether it be the need for change or the need for more compensation, a change in career might provide one or both.
  • You’re No Longer In Control: Are you being micro-managed? Are you seeing decisions being made without your input, even when you have more experience? Are you seeing your input being discounted despite the logic in your argument? This can have a strongly negative impact on your self-esteem and confidence, or it can simply make you angry. Time for a change.
  • You’re No Longer Valued: Your boss and colleagues no longer value your role. You hear colleagues making negative comments about each other, and you know your boss has little regard for his employees, including you. Since you spend many of your waking hours at work, a negative environment can have a unhealthy impact. 
It is never too late to make a change.


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