Get Inspired! 9 TED Talk Picks to Jump Start Your Job Search

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Anxious to begin your job search?

Feeling lost or uninspired?

Need a jump start?

Planted shares the top 9 Ted Talks for inspiring you in your job search:

  • Stuck in the middle?

Watch Ruth Chang’s How to make hard choices for embracing the gift of choice and not just taking the safest option. It is up to each of us to be willing to take a risk. (15 minutes)

  • Fearing failure?

Watch Tim Harford’s How frustration can make us more creative for when your plans go awry. Messiness can lead to creativity and new options. (16 minutes)

  • Lacking passion?

Watch Terri Trespicio’s Stop searching for your passion. She will convince you it’s okay not to know what your passion is. (11 minutes)

  • Feeling anxiety about choosing a specific career?

Watch Emilie Wapnick’s Why some of us don’t have one true calling for determining if you are a “multipotentialite.” There can be strength in having a variety of knowledge and skill. (13 minutes)

  • Need self-discipline?

Watch Dr. Alia Crum’s  Change Your Mindset, Change the Game for moving from “I wish I could” to “I think I can” to “I did.” (19 minutes)

  • I’m fine? Are you really?

Watch Mel RobbinsHow To Stop Screwing Yourself Over for advice on the importance of feeling ALIVE, and not just accepting a life that is “fine.” Push yourself! (22 minutes)

  • How do you define success for yourself and not others?

Watch Alain de Botton’s A kinder, gentler philosophy of success for how to fight the snobbery of “what do you do?” and to define success on your own terms. (17 minutes)

  • Want to be a part of the 20% who are inspired by their work?

Watch Scott Dinsmore’s How to find work you love for advice on being a self-expert and loving what you do every day. (18 minutes)

  • How do your realize your dreams?

Watch Bel Pesce’s 5 ways to kill your dreams for understanding the importance of hard work, self-reliance, and not just settling. The journey is to enjoy, the goal only momentary. (7 minutes)

The best advice is to remember is:

You Are In Control!

At Beyond The U, we can help you when you’re stuck. We will guide you to a more thorough self-knowledge, to a job that will bring you daily satisfaction, and to the best plan of action to find personal success!

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