Good News? Companies are Hiring; Bad News? Still Hard to Get a Job

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As more companies begin to hire new graduates, especially those with business and technical degrees, the prospect of being employed upon graduation from college looks to be improving.


When digging deeper, there are 2 important factors that are influencing the individual student’s job placement success:


  • Paid Internships: As many grads are discovering, having a paid internship under your belt makes a huge difference. Even if the job posting says “entry level” position, the expectation is you will have some experience through a paid internship. Even having extensive experience through campus organizations, such as advocacy work as a political science major, that experience will not position the grad above those with paid internships in securing an interview for a job opening.
  • College Debt: With the average college debt for recent graduates in the five figures, a starting salary averaging 25k is not going to be enough to sustain basic living expenses. The pressure of college debt often pushes recent grads to underemploy in order to make some money while trying to jumpstart their career.


According to the Economic Policy Institute, “While there is only a tenth of a percentage point difference in the unemployment rate for college grads these days than before the recession — 5.6 percent now compared with 5.5 percent in 2007 — the number of degree-holders in low-paying jobs is much higher. Nearly 13 percent of young college graduates are currently underemployed, compared to 9.6 percent nine years ago.”


Unfortunately, this will stagnate a grad’s momentum for career advancement, which directly correlates with salary gain. “‘If your wages are starting lower than they would have been in the past, the potential for growth moving forward is diminished,’ said Tanyell Cooke, a research assistant at EPI who co-authored the report. ‘What’s happening now could affect these young workers into the future because they’re starting at a point of weakness.’” (Washington Post).


So, what is the solution?


  • Get Advice Early On: Managing to stay on top of school work and finding and securing paid internships is a full time commitment. How on earth will you find the time to prepare early for the job search and to walk into a good-paying job upon graduation? There aren’t enough hours in the day! At Beyond The U, our experts guide you, work with you individually, and draw on the best tools and connections to help you reach this all important goal. You can rely on BTU to stay abreast of job market trends for you and to know on what you should focus to build the best case for being hired.
  • Build the Skills: Know the latest in how to effectively contact job prospects, how to prepare a successful resume, how to interview, how to follow up – most importantly, how to know what jobs will be a good match for you and where you will be most happy and successful. BTU’s Career Launch is proven to position you for positive results.
  • Make the Connections: Networking is key and should begin as early as your sophomore year in college. Through BTU’s Career Launch, you will learn how to effectively build a network of contacts, building a foundation of connections that will support your job search. With extensive ties to the corporate world, BTU is there to teach you best practices for successful networking.
  • Don’t Despair: BTU is a small investment for a high percentage of successful job placement. But more importantly, the BTU placements are in jobs that match your needs, so you are happier and more successful, which leads to greater job growth and increased salary.
Companies ARE Hiring!
YOU can be one of the lucky ones who gets hired!
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Anne Macleod Weeks is a graduate of Lawrence and Villanova Universities. She has been an educational administrator and English teacher for 38 years, specializing in the area of college admission. Ms. Weeks has been a leader in the college admission and Advanced Placement arenas and has published on pertinent educational topics in a variety of national papers and journals. She currently resides in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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