Which Master’s Degrees are Worth the Extra Financial Investment?

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Planning on Graduate School?money heart get paid

The job market has been frustrating, so you decide now is the time to get your Master’s degree – something you had planned on doing anyway.
However, taking on more financial commitment needs to be able to produce a better salary –
So, which direction might you go?


Forbes Magazine shared the following list of Master’s degrees with the highest earning potential (from lowest to highest):

  • Human Computer Interaction (Base Salary: 82.1k)
  • Finance (63.2k)
  • Aerospace Engineering (75.6k)
  • Physics (66.9k)
  • Engineering Management (71.7k)
  • Systems Engineering (77k)
  • Software Engineering (80.2k)
  • IT Management (65.9k)
  • Applied Mathematics (66k)
  • Nuclear Engineering (71.8k)
  • Telecommunications Engineering (74k)
  • Computer Science and Mathematics (80k)
  • Computer Engineering (85k)
  • Operations Research (80.3k)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (70.3k)
  • Chemical Engineering (72.9k)
  • Technology Management (63.6k)
  • Electrical and Communications Engineering (84.3k)
  • Taxation (60.7k)
  • Electrical Engineering (78k)
  • Biomedical Engineering (68.4k)
  • Computer Science and Engineering (89k)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (80.6k)
  • Nurse Anesthetist (139k)
  • Petroleum Engineering (96.5k)
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