How Do I Land a Job with No Experience?!?

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You see the perfect job advertised! You eagerly read the specs. 

And there it is again –  two years of experience.

You have no experience.  

Getting a job with no work experience

Another dead end?  Not on your life! 

This is an opportunity to work outside the box!

Good to Know:

There is little difference between two years experience and zero experience.

How to Think about This:

Why would the employer want to hire someone who is quitting their job after two years?

How to Position Yourself Well and to Take Action:

1. You need information, so start researching. 

Find out to whom the job reports or their boss.  Either of these can help. A telephone call to the company may give you all the information you need, or Google them. Next, check LinkedIn for the connection to their title/company, or check the  Hoover’s database online.

2. After you have identified the name of the person/boss to whom you will report, develop a plan.

     Make a plan

3. First, scour your network to see if there is anyone who can introduce you.

    Allow myself to introduce myself

4. If you find no connections, make a cold call.

make a phone call (roger sterling mad men)

If you do not have the direct dial number, work through the company’s automated dial-by-name directory or the operator.   If you were able to uncover the person’s direct dial number, call them every half hour between 7:30 am and 9:00 am.

5. You will have 30 seconds to make your point, so work off a script.

(example: “I became aware  you are seeking someone as a marketing copywriter.  For the past two years, I have been writing tweets, blogs, and articles on youth soccer. Would it be possible to set up time to meet with you?” Of course, if you are a finance or accounting major, you will change the wording to fit your background.)  *Keep in mind your internships do count as experience.

6. Finally,  Human Resources is not an option.  

Most HR professionals agree that unless there is a perfect fit, they will screen out your resume.  

We have a saying at Beyond The U, “If you want a different outcome, you have to think differently.”

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