A Few Important Things to Remember In Order to Stand Out

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Matt Wyndowe, for Quora, compiled the best pieces of advice from his professors at Stanford Business School.


Here is a quick list of the top tips for those new to the world of work and career:

  • Listen:

You will learn more listening than talking


  • Be Passionate:

    Act like you would do the job whether paid or not


  • Be Likeable:

    When you are liked, you move forward faster

anchorman kind of a big deal

  • Never Assume 100%:

    As soon as you think you have perfected something, something will go wrong


  • Be Lucky:

    People who are lucky make their own luck

make your own luck

  • Be a Leader:

    Demonstrate confidence and control – be willing to make a decision

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  • Have Options:

    Always know your options when negotiating

never out of options scandal

  • How Good are You?

    You are only as good as the people with whom you surround yourself


  • Keep it Simple:

    Be able to explain complex issues in layman’s terms


  • Don’t be Afraid of Change:

    Without change, there is no innovation

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  • Show Humility:

    Arrogance will sink you

i love humilty

  • Know Thyself:

    Know what you don’t do well, and surround yourself with people who can do those things well


  • Have Self-Discipline:

    Stay organized, set goals


  • Be Yourself:

    Authenticity is valued

be yourself drake

  • Relax:

    Don’t obsess over the things that are unimportant

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  • Trust:

    Trust others and they will trust you

do you trust me

  • Reach for the Stars:

    Don’t just follow the pack

peggy olson mad men


Wyndowe summarizes with Joel Peterson’s advice:

“Appreciate the people you work with, take care of your investors, celebrate successes along the way, communicate lavishly—good news and bad news, tell the truth, don’t try to maximize everything, and stop to smell the roses. Life is pretty short and most of what really matters doesn’t happen at the office.”

Good advice! Always remember that a balanced life will make you a better employee.

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