Interviewing Part 2: Types of Interviews

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There are 4 types of interviews that are most common: Informational, Phone, First, and Skype/Video. Each type has its own focus. Beyond the U outlines what to expect for each scenario:

  • Informational

    An informational interview is used for networking. You can use these meetings to obtain information about a career path, a job function, an industry, or a specific organization. Informational interviews can lead to interviews where a job opportunity exists.


  • Phone

The advantage is with the candidate in a phone interview. Prepare answers to the behavioral questions outlined in BTU’s During the Interview, building a script from which you can use notes for each question asked. Use a headset if possible, and avoid having background noise. Remember the interviewer can hear everything (including your dog barking or your roommate chatting with someone).

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  • First

The first time you interview with a potential employer, it is a structured process (see During the Interview). You will usually be interviewed by 2-3 individuals at different times, and occasionally, you may face a panel of several individuals at once. You can assume 80% of the time will be devoted to structured questions (see Questions and Answers). If you encounter someone who does not know how to interview, you can use your prepared answers for the behavioral questions to insert in your conversation to demonstrate your preparedness.


  • Skype/Video

The pressure of time and cost constraints has made the Skype/Video interview more common. See BTU’s The Do’s of the Skype Interview for a detailed checklist of what to do.

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Next, read BTU’s posts on Preparing For and During the Interview for expert advice on CRUSHING THE INTERVIEW!

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