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There’s common mistakes that every candidate makes in the job search. The deadliest and easiest to avoid mistakes not enabling the potential employer to easily connect with you.

Think of all the hard work that goes into getting your resume in the exact spot at the exact time the recruiting manager is searching for you, the perfect candidate! If you have not made your contact info clearly visible the manager needs to search and dig through the documents to find your phone number or email address. And right as that person finds this information her phone rings and she becomes distracted. Chances are if she hasn’t found your information yet she goes onto the next candidate. I am willing to bet this scenario plays out thousands of times a day.

As a growing company we review a lot of resumes. I am amazed at the number of resumes I see that have no phone number. I have even seen a few resumes with no phone number and no email. What is very rare to see is an email from a candidate where their phone number is listed in the body of email.

The people who work with me will tell you I am like most CEOs in that I am a very impatient chap. When I see a resume that is interesting to me I am too impatient to send an email. I would much rather pick up phone, talk with the candidate, and get things moving forward quickly.

As a candidate the basics are having your contact information boldly presented in your email, on your cover letter and in your resume is vitally important. You can go further! On linked In there is a contact section below your picture. You are able to list your email and phone number. If you are bold enough you can add contact info on Facebook and in the bio section of twitter.

There is an old saying “half of life is just showing up!” Over several decades I have found this to be very true. Make sure you show up and can be contacted!

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