Making the Most of Your Junior Year (of College)

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The Dread of Junior Year or Not?

The majority of college students look at junior year and compare it to their junior year of high school: keeping a good GPA, studying for the ACT/SAT, preparing to send out college application, getting teachers to write recommendation letters, and even deciding what they want to do with their life. Junior year of college is a little bit more fun than that. By this time you are fully exposed to  your college career you should have already declared your major(s) and/or minor(s). You’ll feel a lot more comfortable once you get that out of the way because then you can finally start preparing for the future.




Your junior year can be filled with the classes you actually want to take and not General Education classes that all students must take at some point. Junior year is very important because you’ll be able to build relationships with professors who can lead you into good internships for the following summer. But before you get tangled up in getting the perfect internship and using BTU’s Career Launch to find the perfect job, enjoy your time in college. By junior year you should be involved in the clubs and organizations that you want to be apart of. Be a committed sorority sister or team captain (all good things you can add to a resume). Show your leadership skills throughout your clubs and take time to develop your own interests.


study abroad junior year college


Finally, if you have the opportunity to go abroad, Go! Get lost in the streets of Verona, Italy, Hike the Inca Trail into Machu Picchu, or even surf the ocean waves of Australia. College is the best time to travel because it’s made easy for students. Your university or college can provide programs that will allow you to explore your major in a different form and even on a new continent. So take the first step and fly into junior year.


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