The New OCD: Obsessive Comparison Disorder

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Paul Angone, author of All Grown Up and 101 Secrets For Your Twenties, coined the term Obsessive Comparison Disorder. 

This OCD is the compulsion to constantly compare yourself to others, and to gauge your own worth through this comparison. Angone says this can lead to depression, anxiety, over-consumption, and discontent.

Friends all getting engaged? Getting married? Buying houses? Having kids? Jetting to exotic locations? Hanging out at that expensive, trendy bar where you can get flaming cocktails?

And, your colleagues don’t even want to go to a happy hour on Thirsty Thursday.

And, here you are at what seems like a dead-end job, spending Friday and Saturday nights with the cat and a bowl of ice cream, stalking potential partners on Facebook, and binge-ordering on Amazon.

And, what does that get you? Just a stream of photo posts of the perfect lives of all your friends.

So, what’s the secret???


Algone suggests three solutions:

  • Look Straight Ahead

Put on a set of blinders and focus on your future and not what you are facing day-today.

focus on the future

  • Limit Facebook and TV

Cut your media time in half. Maybe use one of those apps that allows you to set a time limit: Online Tools for Better Focus



  • Celebrate Yourself

Find joy in what you do and not what others do. Choose a few like-minded folks and make sure to hang out with them on a regular basis to share what is right with your lives.


Pull yourself out of those doldrums! Be deliberate in what you choose to do! You CAN beat OCD with just these little tweaks to your weekly routine.

And, if you are still feeling “stuck” in a dead-end job with no prospects, let the certified coach at Beyond the U guide you to something more fulfilling that will match your needs and the life you dreamed would happen. The path to success starts with one step, get started today!


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Latest posts by Anne Weeks (see all)