Parent Reviews

”My son, Ben, was in his senior year at a top university and landed several interviews but wasn’t getting any job offers. We turned to Beyond The U for interview assistance and preparation. Ben worked with the team at Beyond The U on how to prepare for his interviews, asking the right questions to assess his candidacy, and completing mock interviews.  His confidence skyrocketed and he ultimately ended up with three different job offers. Working with Beyond The U definitely made a big difference in Ben having a job in his chosen field prior to graduating from college!”

– Cathy B.

”Our daughter began her search for internships during the Winter quarter of her junior year. She had contacted several companies and developed a prospective internship with an organization that was not very relevant to her major. Beyond The U connected her with a great internship opportunity in Chicago with a great program that closely aligned with her major. Our daughter would never have seen this opportunity had it not been for Beyond The U. The effort and guidance that they provided to her not only helped her focus on finding an internship within her chosen field, it also prepared her for the interview process and being able to evaluate this opportunity against others for her future. The strength of this program is that it works to make your student responsible for themselves and takes Mom and Dad out of the position of being the ones to try to guide the Student. This is what we want for all our students to work toward their own independence.”

– Curt T.

“Our son spent four years playing Division One basketball for the #1 school in the nation. He worked hard and, like most college athletes, was not destined for the pros. Upon graduation, he was left with no focus or understanding of how to begin a job search. We connected him with Beyond The U. The team at BTU worked with him over a 2 ½ day period helping him identify search options he was not aware of, assisted with creating a great resume and prepared him for almost any interview scenario. Today our son is attacking his job search with the same energy as he did playing in the 2017 NCAA Tournament”

– Shannon and Erin W.