Personality and Career Assessments

Think of the value of going to work each day saying to yourself, “I want to,” not “I have to.” The difference? It’s simply putting the right person in the right place. The Ideal Work Environment allows you to target the working environment that can best support you and offer the greatest potential for success.

The Beyond The U assessment process examines your relational characteristics from multiple angles and uses that information to highlight key career areas that will provide you with the greatest potential for success.

Our report explores five important dimensions of who you are:

Areas of Interests What you like; activities you prefer
Strength Behavior How you relate to the world around you; the behavior other people see
Motivational Needs The support you need from others and the environment around you
Stress Behavior Negative, reactionary behavior when frustrated and your needs are not met
Ideal Work Environment Environment that offers the most ideal fit based on how you formulate solutions and what you value within an organization
Once Beyond The U  identifies the optimal career for you, we guide you in developing a plan for how to pursue that career.

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Beyond The U is a Birkman Certified Consultant | The Birkman Method | Birkman Assessment

Beyond The U’s Personality and Career Assessments utilize the Birkman Method, trusted for over 50 years with continuously proven reliability and validity. Beyond The U is a Birkman Certified Consultant.

The Birkman Method is a scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment designed to help you achieve more at work and at home. It integrates behavioral, motivational, and occupational data together to predict behavior and work satisfaction across situations. The Birkman Method is THE personality assessment for improving people skills and aligning roles and relationships for maximum productivity and success.

Click here to see our Birkman Method Infographic for a more in depth look into what the assessment measures.