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All of the advice I have read on interviewing centers on having the perfect answer to the interviewer’s questions. While anticipating the questions and having a well thought out answers is important there is an even more important fundamental components necessary for you to crush the interview.  Remember there are no magic words or actions that will land you the offer.  It is HARD WORK. We have proven with students with mid-level GPAs and a variety of majors, that those willing to WORK HARD LAND OFFERS.

Preparation – Not preparing is the BIGGEST mistake you can make and it is the most common reason for REJECTION!!!

Your first step in preparation is research.

While there is a ton of information you can gather, I am going to give you 5 guides for your research.

  1. The more deeply you understand the company or hiring organization the more competitive a candidate you become. Find out the organization’s vision or mission.  Review each of the value statements and identify how you compare.  Think about times when you have demonstrated this type of behavior.
  1. If it is a company, understand the product or service markets it operates in. Who are the competitors? How does the company have the advantage?
  1. Research various news articles on the company and its leadership. If you are aware of a recent speech or presentation a person you will be interviewing with gave you might be one step ahead of your competitor candidates.
  1. Look up the Linked In profile for each of the people you will be meeting. Discovering something you have in common is a great way to build rapport.  While you are on Linked In enter the organization’s name in the search bar.  This will bring up current and past employees.  You may know someone or have a connection that can provide valuable insight to the culture.
  1. Figure out the answer to the question of why you want this role and how it will play into the overall plan for your career. Of course exclude a paycheck and benefits from why you want this role.  The answer to this question will help you begin to develop a focus on your overall presentation.

Every organization has a culture and a dialect within that culture.  A deep understanding of the culture will allow you to understand and possibly speak the dialect and seem like a much better fit.  We have never heard a hiring manager say they hired someone because the have a 4.0GPA.  We almost always hear they believe they hired the BEST FIT.  With some research THIS CANDIDATE CAN BE YOU!

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