searching for and applying for internships

Searching and Applying For That All-Important Internship

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As a college graduate in a competitive job market, a strong resume is required. Internships are a great way to get experience, to test out a profession to see if it is a good fit, and to build an impressive resume demonstrating your value.

Here are some tips on searching and applying:

  • LinkedIn: Utilize your connections on LinkedIn, to search for internships. Not sure how to network effectively on LinkedIn? Read the BTU Blog for tips on using LinkedIn and other sites for successful networking.
  • You can search and save. However, realize that this site may use a filter to scan for keywords, so know exactly what you are looking for and add the right keywords to get noticed.
  • This is a full service site that allows you to search with several filters.
  • Another excellent site that focuses on internship searches exclusively.
  • Professional Associations: Check their website or contact them to find out what they may be offering.
  • State/Local Employment Agencies: These agencies are often aware of internship opportunities in your area.


  • Google Yourself: Search to see if there is anything damaging associated with your name online and remove it. Potential employers will look.
  • College Email: Use your college email address when applying.
  • Be Brief: Be brief and to the point in your email:

Dear XXX:

Attached, please find my cover letter and resume for the Summer 2016 internship at (place you are applying). I am currently a senior at the George Washington University and am very interested in gaining school credit for this opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

(Your Name)


  • Cover Letter & Resume: They should be separate documents.
  • Be Professional: Have someone proofread your email, cover letter, and resume. Save them with a formal title.
Remember, an internship is a great way to launch yourself towards a great career!


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Latest posts by Anne Weeks (see all)