Student Reviews

”I wouldn’t have an internship this summer if it wasn’t for Beyond The U! As soon as I decided to join BTU, I was contacted by a representative and had the opportunity to talk about my interests and experiences in an interview. Within a few days, I had a phone interview set up with a company. The process was so simple and allowed me to make connections that I wouldn’t have had without this program. I’m very excited to start my internship in a week- I know I will learn so much!”

– Alita (University of Kansas)

”Beyond The U made finding an internship effortless. While I was busy studying and stressing about final exams they were busy finding me a job. Beyond The U sends weekly emails detailing how to improve your resume, character build, and prepare for that interview. I struggled on my own to find an internship and basically gave up, but Beyond The U didn’t. They kept sending emails and tried to match me with companies that fit my career field and interests. I would highly recommend Beyond The U and I am definitely going to contact them in the future for full time positions.”

– Colin (University of Michigan)

”Summer internships are crucial to finding full time employment for students after they graduate. For me, the hardest part of finding a summer internship was knowing what companies were hiring and then getting in personal contact with them, instead of just applying online. I had been looking for a job for several months and finally sent my resume to my friend who was in contact with Beyond The U. Shortly after, a Beyond The U representative helped connect me to a great company. From there, I got an interview, and then the job! My representative continued to touch base with me throughout the whole process and was extremely helpful. I could not be more thankful for Beyond The U!”

– Peter (University of Iowa)