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Some people forget that when logging into Skype the sound picks up everything; in order to prepare for your next skype interview, keep that in mind! Here’s a list of the Do’s before an online interview!

1. Background

You aren’t the only thing in the picture when interviewing. Your camera captures everything around you. So if you’re in your room and the walls are covered in posters– fix it or if you’re in the kitchen– put away your dirty dishes! You don’t want the interviewer to be distracted by the Justin Bieber poster hanging in the background. Use a sheet to cover the wall or just relocate where the wall space won’t get in the way. The plainer the background, the better focus on you!


2. Camera Angle

That awkward moment when you turn on your laptop camera and it’s angled up your nose… You don’t want this! Be sure to set your laptop on a stack of books so the camera placement is slightly below your eye level. This is the best angle to perform an interview at. You can also purchase a webcam if needed!



3. Lighting

You are the star of this interview! Don’t let the lighting of the room get in the way by casting a shadow on the side of your face or bringing out the dark circles under your eyes. If you have access to a desk lamp, put it behind your laptop camera so it lights up your face. If you are concerned about the lighting in the room you can also purchase a lighting kit on Amazon; some running as low as $30!

desk lamp skype lighting


4. Mic

If possible, use a headset or earbuds with a built-in mic for optimal sound quality. Your computer’s built-in mic can cause problems with your audio. Whether it’s excessive background noise or that awful echo, poor audio quality is a surefire way to make the interview unbearable for both parties. Make sure your headset is connected and selected in your Skype settings before the interview. You can always make a test call with Skype’s handy Echo / Sound Test Service to be sure you’re set up correctly.

skype echo test call


6. Bandwidth

Be careful that your computer has enough data to sustain you throughout the whole interview. You don’t want the video stream to freeze mid interview or lose connection. This will cause a distraction and even stress you out during the interview. You can test your bandwidth with SpeedTest. Tip: For a more stable connection, use a wired connection (ethernet) instead of WiFi when possible.

bandwidth test


7. Clothes

We get it– the interviewee can’t see you from the waist down; however, if you dress business casual this will put you into a more professional mind set. Avoid plaids, patterns, and shiny materials because they can become blurred on screen. It’s better to feel polished than not.

skype attire


8. Rehearse

Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. And then Practice with a friend using a camera. It’s better to record your practice interview because it puts the pressure on before you start the interview. Whatever form of video you choose to use, make sure it works. That being said check your sound, the connection, and the quality of the app or program so it doesn’t disconnect while you are in the middle of the interview.  

practice interview


After looking through each step carefully, you’ll be able to kill at your video interview. Just remember to set your own stage so you’re the center of attention!



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