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There are several million job openings every month in the US, but it takes an average of 6 months to be hired. Turn to these tips from LinkedIn on how to stay in the game.

  • Update both your resume and your LinkedIn Your resume should be specific to the job opening; your LinkedIn page should be more general.
  • Job Alerts can be set up in your LinkedIn account, and make sure to install the mobile app as well.
  • Read the news about the industry within which you want to work, so you have plenty to talk about in your interviews.
  • Look Professional in your photo. Smile, dress appropriately, and take the photo in a bright space.
  • Be Descriptive and aspirational in your statements on your profile page.
  • Recommendations will enhance your profile, so ask past supervisors for one and then reciprocate with either a recommendation or an endorsement.
  • Include everything in your education section: schools, degrees, majors, relevant courses.
  • Build your network connections with these 3: people who know you well, people who are willing to connect you to others, and people with specific knowledge in your industry of choice.
  • Job Leads can be found through former bosses, colleagues/friends, and cold contacts – someone who is connected in a way that may benefit you (find something in common with the cold contact, be direct in your message, offer something in return).
  • Have an Interview? Keep these three things in mind: use anecdotes to leave a strong impression, own your weaknesses, keep the conversation relevant.
  • Ask Tough Questions – such as, “what can I learn from working here?”
  • Thank you notes are a must, and the sooner the better.
One last piece of advice:

Use the S.T.A.R. Structure for effectively answering interview questions.




(S)ITUATION: Describe a scenario where you used your skills and experience.

(T)ASK: Briefly describe the challenge you faced and how you succeeded.

(A)CTION: Describe the actual steps you took to solve the problem.

(R)ESULTS: Demonstrate the outcome with facts and data if available.


For other great tips on a successful job search, check the Beyond The U Blog!



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Latest posts by Anne Weeks (see all)