Want to Write a Resume That Will Engage?

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Follow these 5 tips from CareeRealism:

Most employers spend 6-8 seconds reviewing potential resumes. In some cases, it is an automated system that screens first, but even when it’s a human, you need to have the right approach to engage the reader.


  • Market Yourself as though You are a Product: Just like a product, you need to sell the buyer with why you will bring results. That opener at the top of your resume needs to grab the reader.
  • Simplify: use a common font, such as Times New Roman. Avoid excessive italics, underlining, bolding. Start with Work Experience, then move to Qualifications, then Education. Use bullet points: Effective Bulletting.
  • Short and Sweet: Use bullet points, short sentences, short paragraphs. Keep your resume to one page.
  • Relevancy: Unless it is relevant, leave it out. Start with most recent and most applicable experience. No need to say what you did a decade ago unless it is specifically relevant to the current job.
  • Show, don’t Tell:  Instead of saying, “I’m good at customer service,  show it: “Improved customer service rating from 70% to +95% and referrals by 25%.”

Remember, your resume is the place to demonstrate what you have done – It’s okay to sing your own praises!

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Anne Macleod Weeks is a graduate of Lawrence and Villanova Universities. She has been an educational administrator and English teacher for 38 years, specializing in the area of college admission. Ms. Weeks has been a leader in the college admission and Advanced Placement arenas and has published on pertinent educational topics in a variety of national papers and journals. She currently resides in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Latest posts by Anne Weeks (see all)