Watch These 6 TED Talks To Prepare for Your Job Interview

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With advice from the best of the best, these 6 TED Talks can put you in the right mindset to crush that interview!


  • Daniel Levitin on how to stay calm: We are prewired for stressful situations by turning to the flight response, which can cloud our thinking.  Learn how to anticipate possible stress points and to prepare a calm response.

  • Amy Cuddy on body language: Learn how to “power pose” in order to exude confidence even when you are feeling less than adequate.

  • Julian Treasure on how to get people to listen: Learn how to speak powerfully so others listen.

  • Celeste Headlee on creating an effective conversation: Learn the 10 useful rules for being a better listener and conversationalist.

  • Dan Ariely on what makes us love our work: Understand why we need to see progress and a sense of purpose to love our work.

  • Regina Hartley on why a resume isn’t the be all: Learn why some people value the “scrapper,” who has grit and a desire to achieve.


These are skills and mindsets that Beyond The U values and will work with you to master before an interview. Need feedback from an expert to make sure you are on the right track? Contact BTU now!


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Latest posts by Anne Weeks (see all)