Why You Should Sign Up

77% of students have chosen their major to get a job upon graduation– Yet only 25% of them will land a job in their chosen field.

According to McGraw Hill’s Survey “60% of college students don’t feel college did a good job of preparing them for their future career.”

From College Parents of America “46% of parents worry their student may fail to secure a job or be under-employed.

In FACT, 65% of students leave campus without a job that requires a college degree.

College Recruiting is constantly changing! Only a few companies under $5B in sales recruit on college campuses outside of their state.

How Employers Hire

Nowadays students are unsure of what they want to do, failing to create professional, well-written resumes, and have no clue how to interview. That’s where Beyond The U comes in.

What to expect:

  • One-on-one Coaching
  • Career assessment
  • In-depth interview preparation:
    • questions to expect and preparation of answers,
    • skype/video interviews
    • body language – personal presentation
  • Leaving with a great resume
  • Making the phone ring with invitations to interview:
    • college career centers
    • effective networking techniques
    • targeting companies
    • using alumni associations, etc.
  • Professional Emails
  • Understanding the Offer Letter
  • Career Planning

Discount on optional proactive follow-up programs with BTU Consultants.  This program ensures the student is engaged throughout the year in furthering their job/internship prospects.