Worried You Won’t Get a Job? You Should Be!

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How Beyond The U Can Help

Did you know 80% of college graduates fail to find meaningful employment upon graduation?

Are you asking yourself if the investment in tuition was worth it?

Are you asking if you need to go to graduate school in order to succeed – just more money and time to invest without the guarantee of a job?

Confused and anxious about the job application process?


Beyond the U has successfully positioned graduates to find a meaningful job within four months of graduation. This success is due to an individualized approach using the The Birkman Method, for which BTU is certified. With a proven track record, BTU’s Career Academy will address each of the top ten reasons recent graduates fail to launch a career (Top Ten Reasons):


  • Increased Competition: More students are attending and graduating from college, so the competition for what jobs are available has increased. Having a college degree is no longer enough to land that meaningful job!

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  • Little or No Work Experience: You can no longer spend your undergraduate years just studying and having fun. Working and/or interning will build a resume that can count as experience and give an advantage in the job hunting game. By working with BTU before junior year or after, you can identify areas where a part-time job or interning would best position you for a meaningful job upon graduation.



  • No Skills: Two essentials are tech skills and people skills (more on this later). Make sure you are tech-savvy, not just with social media, but with data, coding, collaborative tools, and research. When a company does not have to train a new employee, they are more interested in the candidate as a better hire.



  • Lack of Networking: Who you know is still king. You need to be building your network all through your undergraduate years. Though connections through family and friends can help, working/internships will provide recommendations that can attest to the your work ethic. BTU specializes in guiding you through networking, while also using its own connections to pave the way.

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  • No Preparation on Resume: Turn to the experts for your resume. BTU knows what works and will guide you  in crafting a professional and engaging resume that will elicit responses. BTU will also coach you on building a personal brand on social networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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  • No Interview Skills:  Interviewing is a science. It takes hard work in preparation and knowing how to answer questions, how to engage in a discussion, how to ask questions, and how to distinguish yourself from others in the candidate pool. BTU knows how to guide you to demonstrate your personal best and to do it in a unique way to be sure to stand out in the process. BTU knows the companies hiring and can work with you to identify the best approach for each company’s interview process.



  • No Edge: You need to know how you are different from others. What makes you stand out from the rest? BTU’s method of analyzing needs and behaviors will identify individual characteristics you can highlight to stand out from others. When asked, “Why should I hire you?”, as a BTU Career Academy grad, you will know how to answer and to bring the job home.



  • No Follow Up: It is logical to follow up, but what is the best way to do so? Again, this can be individualized for the best results, and BTU can identify the best approach – how to and when to contact the potential employer.

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  • Quitting Too Easily: It’s all too easy to give up when not hearing back from a company. Don’t make the assumption this means the company has no interest. A benefit of working with BTU is having that personal coach to keep the you on track and confident in the search.



  • A Lack of People Skills: Social skills carry a lot of weight. When a candidate leaves the interview, everyone in the office talks. If the candidate interacted easily, was pleasant, and was engaged, it can overcome questions about being less skilled or experienced. Everyone wants a colleague who will get along well with co-workers and keep spirits lifted in the workplace. BTU works with you on how to navigate a visit to the office – beyond just the interview.



You have invested thousands of dollars in your college degree. Make those dollars work faster and more efficiently with the small investment in an individualized coach for securing a job upon graduation.

Avoid the stress of wondering what the economy will do and what jobs will be available.

You can begin working with Beyond The U junior year or earlier to position yourself  well for a smooth transition into the world of work and career.

Embrace the Challenge! Get that Edge! Secure that Advantage Today!
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