Your #QuarterLife. So, Now What?

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10 Signs You’re Having a #QuarterLife Crisis and How to Deal When You Literally “Can’t Even.”


It’s Sunday night, and you realize you have to go back to work tomorrow, and it won’t even be Pizza Day!

Friday night, you met friends at the local bar and had to celebrate another engagement. You tried to drown yourself in the latest craft brew, only to be solaced by your ex-roommate, who just bought her first house. While trying to ignore her inventory of purchases at IKEA, you see a text from your mom that says, “done your taxes yet?”

So, Saturday night becomes a binge-worthy self-pity-fest of Ben and Jerry’s new lactose-free ice cream and a box of wine – yes, a box, while trying to understand Turbo Tax.

You know, it just seemed that things would be better by now. And, what if when your #SaturnReturns you fall apart rather than begin a new, thriving stage in your life?

Is this all there is?

Here are Jessica Misener’s 10 signs you are facing a #quarterlife crisis:
  • Daydreaming

Want to do something crazy?

  • Can’t Decide

You are paralyzed by indecision.

  • Nostalgic 

You miss your high school and college days.

  • Budget?

What budget? Really? I need a budget?

  • Relationships

Long term or just for fun? Why is everyone getting engaged?

  • Failure

It just can’t be an option right now.

  • Boredom

You can’t see spending one more Saturday night at the local bar – longing to stay home with Netflix

  • Why Me?

Am I the only one without a plan? No house, no marriage, no kids, ugh!!

  • Parents

Am I really as old as they were when they had me?

  • Dashed Dreams

Why I am not where I thought I would be by now?

But, there’s hope!!

At Beyond The U, a personal coach can guide you towards a more meaningful career and an understanding of your individual needs. With a small investment, you can pull yourself out of what feels like a directionless spiral.

Shannon Kaiser shares in the Huffington Post, 5 things to embrace when feeling stuck in your #quarterlife:

  • Do you hate your job? Do you feel like you are stuck? Then LET GO! It is okay to change course. It is okay to seek a better situation. Turn to Beyond the U’s Career Launch to find a new direction by identifying where your true interests lie. With a 75% placement rate in a meaningful career within 6 months, the odds are you will be happier.
  • Let Expectations Go! It is okay to change directions. Change is good. It can re-energize you through exploration and embracing new things. Pay attention to your needs through the The Birkman Method, so you know what jobs will match your style and interests.
  • Trust Your Inner Voice! What do you daydream about? What daydreams make you happy? Focusing on this will help you determine what path to take, and having a certified, personal coach to guide you will make the journey more productive.
  • Be Unapologetic! If you plan to do something for the rest of your life, you want it to be something you love. As they say, if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life. Now is the time to find that life of which you dream!
  • Don’t Resist! Change is good – especially when it leads to that life path that will keep you happy and growing positively. Take advantage of this time of insecurity to transform yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others, and focus on finding what is right for you!

“A survey by Clark University, which polled more than 1,000 young adults nationwide, found that 72 percent of them said this time of life was stressful and 33 percent said they were often depressed. Still, 89 percent believed they would eventually get what they wanted out of life.

Many of those issues ease by the late 20s. By then, the vast majority of emerging adults find work, relationships, along with higher self-esteem and life satisfaction, studies show. And most achieve financial independence. The Clark University survey found that while 28% of 18-to-21-year-olds get regular support from their parents for living expenses, the rate declined to 6% among 26-to-29-year-olds.”

So… have faith, #quarterlifersThere is light at the end of the #SaturnReturnYou got this!

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